Utilizing Cookies

Here we will show you a quick way to utilize the cookies from your browser.
First of all we need to create a new Execute Javascript code Action.
Creating a new Execute Javascript code Action
That way we can utilize the Javascript to reach the cookies from the Browser by calling the method document.cookie. Like shown below.
Simple JS code that'll retrieve the cookies
Now we could utilize that cookie we just returned in any other action with the then trigger and $.returnValue. Such as on the Show Message Action.
Utilizing the return on another action
Now the only problem remaining is that document.cookie returns a string which can be quite troublesome to manipulate sometimes. So lets convert it to an object that'll be ready to be used or setted into a variable.
Here we added the parseMyCookie function to our code and call it on getBrowserCookies in order to get our cookies in an object.
function parseMyCookie(str) {
str = str.split('; ');
var result = {};
for (var i = 0; i < str.length; i++) {
var cur = str[i].split('=');
result[cur[0]] = cur[1];
return result;
Finally we just need to add something to actually call the javascript code. Let's say we use a press of a button, that is, the trigger On Click of our Button.
Here we created the button and dragged the on click trigger to our action.
Now we're ready to go. :)
Click on the button will show our cookies. :)