Simple search using hosted tables

In this video we will learn how to make queries to the backend that depends of some parameter
This method can be applied for both hosted tables and connectors


Lets say we have a table with countries like that:
Table listing countries
If we want to make it searchable on you application, we can just create a query with parameter
We use a parameter called name where we will look as a patter in the middle of the country name
Here is the code we are using
select * from countries where name ilike '%'||$name||'%'


In the frontend, we have 2 elements: an text input and a table.
If we want to customize the table, we can use the collection element.
Also we need to add a variable which we will use to link the input field and the table query.
Now we can just link the input field and the variable
The same with the table linking to the query passing the variable as a parameter