Collapsible sidebar

In this tutorial, we will learn how to make an collapsible sidebar
First, lets create the two versions of our sidebar (collapsed and expanded).
We just drew the elements, no components are involved yet
Now we can transform each version into one component.
Each version of the sidebar is now a component
Notice that no distances to the right of the page are fixed. This is important because the sidebar is aligned to the left.
Now you have both components, you can add a click event on the hamburger menu icon to show the expanded version of the sidebar.
You only need to trigger the expanded version
Now you should have a working sidebar like that:
Modals come with the default "collapse when click outside" behavior
Notice that the expanded sidebar is shown glued to the top. You can fix that by making an offset on the expanded sidebar with the same size as your navbar
Just the expaned sidebar should have this offset in px
It should work like this