Some projects can be used multiple times as a base for something better and more complex, but to start over from the beginning always feel harsh and a lost of time. In order to avoid that pain we have the templates feature. After finishing a project that you feel it could be used as a baseline for your future projects you can create a template based on it.
Go to the settings tab and inside of it, on the general tab, there will be a button "Publish as Template".
Press it to make a modal appear where you will set the template's name, description and visibility. Have in mind that every template must have a name and description. A template can have private or public visibility. To learn more read share a template.
After deciding your template name and description just press on publish and you're all set. Your template will be ready to be used when you create new projects.
Go to your workspace, click on "or choose a template", and select it within your list of templates.
You can also choose to start a new project from some templates we did for you. All in order to give you more speed on developing your new app.

Manage your templates

On the template modal you can manage your templates by deleting or going in the base project to edit them.

Share a Template

When you click on the template tag of a project you will be redirected to a shareable link that can apply the template to a workspace.

Private Templates

If you created a private template, only members of that workspace can apply the template to their workspaces, be that the same or others that they have.

Public Templates

Public templates can be applied by anyone who has access to the link. This is great for sharing examples or guides, for example in our community.
Last modified 1yr ago