In Abstra, you can create variables to help you manage your application state. You can create or delete variables at the variables section of the left sidebar.
Local and Global variables management at the left sidebar
Variables can be Local or Global. Global variables can be accessed or modified in any Page or Component of your application. Local variables are bound to Pages or Components, so they can only be accessed and modified inside them.
You can configure a variable's name, type, default value and persistence.
As in math, variables are a "tool" that you can define a value to and reutilize it in multiple points of your app. Let's say I create a variable named bestBand, and give it the value Arctic Monkeys. So if I utilize my variable anywhere in my code it would represent Arctic Monkeys.
The text The best band in the world is {{ bestBand }} will be rendered as The best band in the world is Arctic Monkeys.
You can also change the value of your variable at any time in your application as you please, that way if you want that your variable to changes depending on the rules of your application, change them. You can read more about how to change a variable's value at the Set variable action section.
The bestBand example shows how to read a variable using Mustache notation but they can also be accessed using the Expression mode. Read more on how to use your variables at these sections.
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