Whenever you are on our editor page you'll have some shortcuts to actually help you on the layout of your web app. :)
Here you can find a list of them:

Fine Adjusting a Selection

With the Arrow keys you can fine adjust any selection you make. That way you can guarantee your component is where you want.
Element moving a little with key arrows

Select All Components

By pressing Ctrl/Cmd + A you can select all the components within your view.
All components being selected with ctrl/cmd+a

Copy & Paste

By pressing Ctrl/Cmd + C, Ctrl/Cmd + V you can copy your components and paste them within any page or object on your workspace.
Element being copied and pasted in another page.

Delete Selection

Delete your selection by pressing the Delete button.
Element being deleted.

Duplicate Selection

By pressing Ctrl/Cmd + D you can duplicate all your components within your selection.
Selection being duplicated.

Group Selection

By pressing Ctrl/Cmd + K you can group your selection within a subview. Letting you reuse it and facilitate editing.
Four components being grouped in a single subview.

Ungroup Subview

If you want to separate the components within a subview again and bring them to the view just press Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + K.
Subview being ungrouped into its former components.

Undo & Redo

Editing something and made a mistake? Don't worry. Just undo it with Ctrl/Cmd + Z and keep working on your app.
Also if you change your mind and now decided that it was not a mistake at all just go with Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + Z.
Components being dragged and then undo and redo the dragging that was just made.

Fix Line of Movement on Drag

While dragging a component, keep Shift pressed to fix the line of movement of that component on the horizontal or on the vertical.
Component being dragged on a fixed line after shift being pressed.

Proportional Resize

If you want to resize your component, but don't want it to lose its proportion just keep Shift pressed while doing so.
Component being resized maintaining its proportion.

Mirrored Resize

If you want to resize your component on mirrored fashion, just keep Alt while doing so.
Component being resized with a mirror effect.

Duplicate By Dragging

While you are selecting some components in our editor you can easily duplicate them by keeping Alt pressed, drag the component and drop it where you want your duplicate to be.
Component being duplicated with drag movement.