Date inputs are basic date selection inputs for your application. They are commonly used when building forms.
When users click at this input it opens a date picker.
There are two special arguments: Type of date and Date format
  • Date format: a string representing how would you like the selected date to be shown. The default is YYYY-MM-DDwhich means 4 digit year, 2 digit month and day separated by - (ex: 1970-03-05). You can change this if you like to separate with / or format in different ways. The full syntax can be found here.
  • Type of date: you can choose between Complete Date (in which the user selects day, month and year), Year and Month (in which the user selects only year and month) and Only year (in which the user selects only the year)
Complete date
Year and Month
Only Year
The other arguments are very similar to Text Inputs . You can checkout how their arguments work reading the Text Input documentation.
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