This element allows you to display images.
The image configuration is divided in 3 different sections. In the first section you can configure it's arguments.
The Default image argument let's you specify an URL for an image or upload a file from your computer. The Display Mode argument is used for specifying if the image should cover all the area of the rectangle or be contained inside it. Tab Index is used to configure how screen readers interact with your application. You can also add an Alternative Text argument for screen readers and an Image on mouse over argument to specify another image to be displayed on hover.
The second sections let's you configure it's dimensions, position, responsivity.
Since Dimensions, Position and Responsivity are common to all elements, you can checkout more about how they work here.
The third configuration section let's you change your image styles. You can change it's Shadow and Border.
You can change the styles based on user interaction. They all have a Standard state configuration but you can change styles during Hover and Click interactions as well.
Last modified 1yr ago