Code Editor

Sometimes in Abstra you will utilize our code editor in order to do some advanced configurations (such as execute js and expressions) and, as usual, we got you covered with some hotkeys and quality of life features to help you writing down your code.

Code fold

With code fold you can hide some code snippets that you're not utilizing right now. It works with code wrapped on functions,if/else conditions and array declarations.
Folding code on code editor


Our code editor have some auto-completions to help you focus on what is important rather than have to remind simple syntax.


We have some commands at your disposal to ease your coding moments in Abstra.
  • Ctrl-F (Cmd on macOS) to search inside the code.
  • Ctrl-D (Cmd on macOS) to select the next similar group.
  • Ctrl-ArrowLeft & Ctrl-ArrowRight (option on macOS) to move the cursor forward and backward a group. (Will select the group if shift is pressed).
  • Ctrl-Backspace & Ctrl-Delete (option on macOS) to delete a group backward and forward.
  • Ctrl-A (Cmd on macOS) to select all.
  • Cmd-Delete (only on macOS): to delete to line start.
  • option-ArrowUp & option-ArrowDown(only on macOS): To move the line up and down( duplicate line up with Shift)