What should you do when your layouts have big changes between mobile and desktop? Abstra allows you to use breakpoints in order to make complete different configurations for different screen sizes.

Component Breakpoints

Every new page you make in Abstra have by default 3 breakpoints
3 breakpoints created for every new page

Breakpoints inspector

These breakpoints can be edited by selecting the view and going to the breakpoint inspector on the right.
Going to the breakpoint inspector
In this section you can manage all your page breakpoints. Notice that you can change the breakpoint name by double-clicking its name.
If you are editing a project created before this feature, you probably won't see any pre-existing breakpoint.

Element Breakpoints

Having breakpoints on the page doesnt make your elements behave differently on each screen. Every element can have multiple breakpoints as well and these breakpoints are what allows you to have distinct behaviors on different screen sizes.
You can add breakpoints on the element related to the breakpoint in the interface by pressing Ctrl+B or right-click + add breakpoint
Adding breakpoints on elements
The breakpoint attached to the element is related to the current active breakpoint on the view, which is the highlighted one.
Adding breakpoints on the elements related to the view
Once you add a breakpoint in the element, you can change its position and this will affect only this breakpoint.
You can check multiple behaviors of the element by clicking in the breakpoints
These breakpoints are active or not depending on the width of the component, which you can simulate by resizing the interface.
Resizingthe component can trigger multiple breakpoints
Notice that breakpoints only split geometry and visibility (x, y, width, height, hidden) properties. So any other property of the elements will be the same through multiple screen sizes.

Springs and breakpoints

Every spring you use to position an element on the screen only affects one breakpoint at a time. That said, every breakpoint can have multiple rules of positioning and stretching.
Navbar turned into sidebar