With this connector, you can send e-mails. To configure it, simply fill with your service, email and password.
Some providers, such as Google’s Gmail, require you to enable less secure apps which authenticate with plain text password. See Using Gmail for more information.
You can use the + Add method to setup a new e-mail to be sent.

Plain Text

With this method you can send plain text e-mails. When creating the template you need to fill at least the subject and body of the e-mail.
You can add parameters to your subject and body by adding $ in front of named keywords. When you use this method in the front-end, you can can dynamically fill the parameters. For example, sending e-mail like:
Hello $name.
Today we sold $number units of $product.
Will ask you to fill $name, $number, $product and $signature dynamically.
You can specify To, Cc or Bcc fields. By default only the To field is added but the others can be added with add properties.
When you use this method you can dynamically fill additional e-mail addresses (To, Cc, Bcc).
You can fill it by passing a comma separated list of emails such as:
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