With this connector you can run code on our trusted remote servers.
At this momento we only support the python programming language.


You can write regular python 3.8 scripts commands here, for example:
import requests
r = requests.get("https://create.abstra.app/version.json")
output_data = r.json()
The runtime is Python 3.8, the memory usage limit is 128MB and and the execution will timeout after 10 seconds if it is not over yet.

About input and output

To feed data to your code you need to use the input param. In it you can specify any JSON-like value (dictionaries, arrays, strings) and even use named params to dynamically fill values. This param is injected into the local context of your code and can be accessed with the input_data variable.
To return data, just create a variable called output_data its value will be returned (it needs to be serializable).
For example, the following method passes an object with a key num as the input_data and has the $num param; The output_data is the squares of integers smaller then the input:
And can be used like this:
About imports
Importing python modules is currently limited to the requests package. Others will be available in the future.
You can import modules (currently only requests) and use it normally:

Running Async

If you tick the box "run asynchronously" your method will return running async and don't wait for the code to finish. Otherwise it will wait for the code to finish before returning the output_data
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