Airtable is a spreadsheet-database hybrid, with the features of a database but applied to a spreadsheet

Connecting to Airtable

In order to get data from Airtable, you should have the following information in hand

  • Base ID

  • API key

Getting base ID

Visit, then you should see something like this

Airtable's API page

Select the base you want to connect, then copy the id from URL

Selecting the application in the Airtable's API
The base ID in the API URL

Generating an API key

You can generate API keys on your account page.

Generating a new API key

Making queries to your base

You can make queries by adding methods.

Adding a method for Airtable

After that, you can select the table you want to grab the data

Choosing a table

Now you can use this connector with Tables, Collections or Actions


Sometimes, you want to filter which elements of Airtable you will want to use. For this, we have a filtering feature.

We will create another method for listing only completed tasks.

Creating a new task

Then we will add the filter property to this method

Adding a filter property

Now we can use Airtable's formula syntax‚Äč

Filter by formula

Additionally, you can pass parameters to theses filters.

Passing parameters

Additional properties

Other properties you can define are:

  • Maximum number of records. Specify this to limit the number of records returned

  • List of fields to return: Specify which fields you want to query.

  • List of fields to sort: Specify fields and directions to order your query.